This blog is 2 years old today and I’m over 2 months on T and I just finished my 2nd week of school

If you messaged me and I didn’t reply please let me know, my memory is all over the place

my name is finally legally changed but the school still won’t change it in their system so I have to email all my professors again haha this is so much fun

Example email to professors/teachers regarding your name/gender on the roster vs what it actually is


I’ve used same format on emailing professors about my name multiple times. It’s clear and succinct, which makes it like the best or something.

Mr/Ms/Mrs/Dr/Prof [Last name],

I am a student in your [Name of course] class next semester. The roster will list me as my legal name, [Birth name]; however, I prefer to be addressed as [Chosen name] and with [female/male] pronouns [he/she], [him/her], [his/hers]. Please also forward this to the appropriate T.A. or assistant or let me know who they are so that I may inform them of this preference as well.

Thank you very much.


[Chosen name]

Credit goes to some university (was it U of Colorado? I think it was)

Bringing this back because school is starting up again soon.

I move to NYC next week whoa!

I realize now that I haven’t updated you guys on school and all that but I’ll be moving into my apartment in New York soon. I share it with two other guys which is cool - way better than dorms lol. I’m really looking forward to living in the city and learning about what I’m passionate about. If any of you guys are from the city or nearby hit me up, I don’t know anyone there haha.

My friend just outed me to this guy I just met and I think she outed me to some of my other friends too lol yay

The biggest difference I’ve noticed since starting T is that I need to sleep a LOT more. I used to sleep ~8 hours a night and now I need to sleep 10-12 hours per night to feel fully rested the next day. But during the day I have a lot more energy, which is good.